Monday, May 11, 2009

Wild Wonders

As a Preschool, we were able to go to Genola and visit a place called Wild Wonders. There, wild animals are taken in and saved or taken care of from being in the wild. Many of them have things wrong with them that wouldn't allow them to survive in their normal wild atmosphere. The Hawk was missing his wing, and the skunk was missing some of his toes. We were able to see animals such as Bearded Dragons, a Hedghog, Skunk, Ferrett, Tortoise, Mice, and a Tarantula. We were able to pet the Tortoise, and play with the mice. It was a really fun day!

A.M. Class

P.M. Class

Monday, May 4, 2009

May Calendar

Tuesday May 5

A.M. Star - Damon
P.M. Star - Damon
Writing Review ABCDE
Color Review
Make a Face
Tuition is Due

Wednesday May 6

A.M. Star - Savannah
P.M. Star - Jorden
5 Senses Review
Review Stranger Danger
Safety Signs Review

Thursday May 7

A.M. Star - Timmy
P.M. Star - Jaden
Make Mother's Day Cards
Shape Review
Writing Review FGHIJ

Tuesday May 12

A.M. Star - Lincoln
P.M. Star - Emily S.
Hygiene Review
Number Review
Writing Practice KLMNO
Tuition is Late

Wednesday May 13

A.M. Star - Kinsley
P.M. Star - Clara
Days of the Week Review
Manners Review
Season's Review

Thursday May 14

A.M. Star - Hale
P.M. Star - Isaiah
Review Left and Right
Farm Animal Review
Writing Practice PQRST

Friday May 15 - MAKE UP DAY

Classes meet together from 11-1
Teddy Bear Picnic at the Park
Bring a Sack Lunch and your Favorite Stuffed Animal
Birthday Party for all Summer Birthdays

Tuesday May 19

A.M. Star - Perla
P.M. Star - Emily M.
Practice ALL Songs
Practice Graduation
Writing Practice UVWX

Wednesday May 20

A.M. Star - Sydnee
P.M. Star - Katlyn
Name Writing Practice
Writing Practice YZ
Practice Graduation
Outside Play/Carnival

Thursday May 21

Both Classes meet today 10-11:30
Go over graduation start to finish
A.M. Star - Amelia - Bring enough for just your class
P.M. Star - Parker - Bring enough for just your class

Graduation is tonight (5/21/09) at 7:00 for ALL Students!!!! A note will be sent home with more information!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

2009-2010 School Year

I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now enrolling preschool students for the 2009-2010 school year. I will have a morning and afternoon class three days a week. The cost is $70 per month. I am licenced, certified, and insured. I offer a a learning environment that incorporates developmentally appropriate practices... including *Learning centers (art, sensory, dramatic play, library, science, etc.) This will be a fun learning experience filled with field trips, active play/social interaction, number/letter recognition, reading and songs, and many other activities centered around getting your child ready for kindergarten. If you or anyone you know is interested, please feel free to leave me a comment on the blog. If you do not have an account to sign in with, please leave me a comment using the anonymous feature, and just tell me who you are at the end of your comment! This will be my second year of teaching preschool in Santaquin, and I am looking forward to all that it will bring.

Valentines Day Party

We had a blast on Valentines Day! During the week we had already made our Valentines Envelopes that we would collect all of our cards and candy in. On Valentines Day, we had a party and got to pass all of our friends and classmates a Valentine from each of us! We also decorated and ate Valentines cookies, and played some games!


March Calendar

Tues March 3
All About Me Books
Maze Writing Practice
Tuition Due Today!

Wed March 4
Class is Cancelled today... Make-up on Friday

Thurs March 5
Dd for Dinosaurs
Dinosaur sock puppets (bring a sock)
Introduce Right and Left
Show and Tell

Friday March 6
Pajama Day
Dr. Seuss Read A Thon
Wear your PJ's and Bring a Pillow and Favorite Book

Tues March 10
A.M. Star - Timmy
P.M. Star - Jaden
Make Clocks
Left and Right
Writing Practice Names
Tuition is Late Today

Wed March 11
A.M. Star - Sydnee
P.M. Star - Damon
All About Me Books
Right and Left
Ocean Bingo

Thurs March 12
A.M. Star - Perla
P.M. Star - Emily M.
Nn Writing Practice
Noodle Necklaces
Play the number walk
Show and Tell

Tues March 17
A.M. Star - Hale
P.M. Star - Jorden
Outside signs of Spring
Happy St. Patricks Day - WEAR GREEN
Writing Practice Ll

Wed March 18
A.M. Star - Savannah
P.M. Star - Isaiah
All About Me Books
Right and Left Hokey Pokey
Show and Tell

Thurs March 19
A.M. Star - Damon
P.M. Star - Coraley
Parent helpers requested!!!!

Tues March 24
A.M. Star - Kinsley
P.M. Star - Katlyn
Writing Practice Kk
Make a Kangaroo and her Joey
Play Hop and Seek

Wed March 25
A.M. Star - Mrs. Kirstin
P.M. Star - Mrs. Kirstin
Dress Cute and Say CHEESE
Writing Practice #9

Thurs March 26
A.M. Star - Volunteer
P.M. Star - Volunteer
Alphabet Match Game
Number Review Worksheet
Show and Tell

Tues March 31
A.M. Star - Mrs. Kirstin
P.M. Star - Parker
Follow the Leader right and left
Make Mary Had a Little Lamb
Review Dd, Ll, Nn

Friday, February 6, 2009

Parents: Here is a great website I discovered for doing crafts and learning activities with your kids. I am going to try to incorporate some of them into our activities at Preschool, but due to time restraints, can't always do everything I would love to do. I just thought I would post it so that you could take a look at it and get some great ideas for yourselves. It is: